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Communication is like mixing up chemicals. Sometimes it creates exciting discoveries... sometimes it's fruitless... sometimes it just blows up!

Communication is the lifeblood of any thriving organization. Your bottom line depends on turning prospects into profits. Your growth depends on having engaged, productive and confident employees.

SpeakEtc. provides dynamic keynote presentations, interactive, customized training programs and targeted one-on-one executive coaching to help you make a powerful impact, communicate with clarity, enrich workplace relationships; exhibit executive presence and become a confident, capable and respected leader in your field.

Robyn uses her years of TV and screenwriting experience to help distill complicated messages into simplified engaging content. Her extensive acting experience gives her tools to help deliver that content with impact and confidence. Adding her experience as a certified Neural Linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner, Robyn has developed a powerful, combination of creative tools and scientific research that provides practical techniques and mindset shifts that get immediate results.

“Robyn is Lightening captured in a bottle that zaps you to a new way of thinking." - V. Hart

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