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    "If you're seeking a true professional
    speaker who will command the room,
    Robyn is your gal!"

    – Patty Stern, Chief Creative Officer,
    PS Creative Marketing & Event Concepts

  • How you are perceived
    •       Is how you are received       •
    Which impacts what you can achieve.

The Power of Communication

91% of recently surveyed employees think their leaders lack communication skills”
-Interact/Harris Poll
Are you one of them?
Transform your relationships, your workplace and your bottom line through the power of communication.

Discover how you and your communication is being perceived; change how it's being received so you can achieve more.

Robyn is a dynamic keynote speaker who has transformed thousands of business leaders, with corporate programs and interactive keynote presentations that add immediate and lasting value.
A "recovering" actor and former writer for two daytime dramas, Robyn’s experience in the entertainment industry plus her training as a certified Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner give her a unique combination of fun, creative tools and fascinating scientific research that help maximize personal impact and sky-rocket success.
If you are looking for tangible, easy to implement, mindset and communication strategies to improve your confidence, performance and impact? Look no further.

Robyn's programs lead to:

Clearer and more persuasive presentations, pitches and sales conversations
More confident and professional communication and executive presence
Fewer misunderstandings, less conflict & burn out leading to more collaboration, and productivity
More Emotionally Intelligent leaders
Improved employee engagement and retention