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  • Engage, persuade and connect
  • Elevate your strengths and mitigate your weaknesses
  • Understand your value and confidently express it.

Offering both in person and virtual options on both the consulting, training and workshops – as well as, the executive coaching programs

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Testimonials From Actual Clients

Cristina Givelechian

I had an online 1 hour coaching session with Robyn Hatcher on how to connect with the audience when you speak at an event. She intuitively guided me to look and find my own story and to connect to myself which in turn it showed me how to connect with other human beings while delivering a message that’s important to the audience and myself. The interaction has flowed naturally and we covered a lot of topics I wanted to address. I really enjoyed the interaction with Robyn.

John Leslie

Miller/Howard hired Robyn to help our professional staff improve their presentation skills. Originally, Robyn was coaching me for client presentations. When some media opportunities suddenly came up, she was able to get me ready for a TV interview. Robyn gave me tools to deal with my biggest fear: getting asked an off-topic/unexpected question. When it came time for the interview, I was prepared and reasonably calm. Robyn did a great job!

Livia Bello

I did some Private Coaching sessions with Robyn when I was in NYC. As I work in the same area in Brazil, we could share our experience and it was great to be “in my client’s shoes” having such a great professional supporting my presentations, sharing all her experience and knowledge with me. I would recommend her services for everyone who need to learn about some presentation skills techniques or improve communication skills. Can’t wait to work with her again!

Slavica Milosevska

In one-on-one coaching sessions, Robyn has helped me build confidence and articulate my communication much more effectively. I have been most impressed with her professionalism, kindness, presentation skills and elaborate knowledge about communication in business and the job place. I highly recommend Robyn Hatcher as someone who deeply understands human interactions and makes her techniques easy to learn and adopt.

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