• Stage

    "Robyn’s presentation was fun, engaging and extremely helpful.
    Everyone was completely riveted for over an hour."

    – Godwyn Morris, Owner
    Skill Mill NYC

  • Audience

    "Robyn’s presentation was fun, engaging and extremely helpful.
    Everyone was completely riveted for over an hour."

    – Godwyn Morris, Owner
    Skill Mill NYC

Keynote Programs

As a former actor who's starred in hundreds of TV & radio commercials, training videos and episodic television shows, Robyn knows what it takes to deliver on-camera content. All of her programs are equally as engaging and impactful in a virtual format.

“91% of recently surveyed employees think their leaders lack communication skills”
-Interact/Harris Poll

Are you one of them?

You may have seniority and be a terrific subject matter expert, but if your direct reports don't take direction; if your colleagues are still clueless and your prospects are still suspect; collaboration, morale, & productivity will suffer.

As a leader, you can only make an impact if you are listened to and understood.

Communication is like Chemistry, you need to mix together the right elements in order to get successful results.

Learn to consistently engage and persuade direct reports, prospects and clients with Robyn's powerful strategies and brain science insights.

Attendees learn to:
Gain trust and understanding to increase buy-in
Respond assertively yet empathetically to objections and challenging personalities
Give even the toughest feedback without pushback
Transform unpopular, complex data into relatable content and powerful stories
Use brain-based strategies to dissolve communication barriers

This program is perfect for:
■ Emerging Leaders, New managers, Team Leaders, Entrepreneurs
■ Anyone whose success depends on speaking up and being heard

Not good for: People who are happy with an unengaged, unproductive workforce

Format: ​45-60 Minute Keynote, 2-hour breakout
One of the most effective marketing tools available is the ability to slay a presentation whether on a stage, at a meeting or in 1-1 conversation. But many presentations bore listeners to tears and expose the speaker’s fears.

It doesn’t have to be that way! Learn how to engage your listeners emotionally, through use of story, expertly designed content, persuasive body language and powerful vocal tone.

Learn how to become fearless and confident standing in front of crowds of any size. Become that leader who generates a powerful buzz and catapults your business to success.

After this program you will:
✓ Have irresistible stage presence
Respond assertively yet empathetically to objections and challenging personalities
Command a room with the power of your voice
Write engaging scripts for (sales pitches, value propositions, PowerPoint presentations)
✓ Discover your Communication Style AKA - ActorType* and step into the role that works for you

Perfect for:
■ Thought Leaders who need to lead change
■ Emerging leaders who need to command respect
■ Anyone who needs to stand in front of 1-10,000 people and speak

Not good for: People who are convinced that fear of public speaking is incurable.

“Employees who feel their voice is heard are 4.6 times more likely to feel empowered and perform their best work.” - Forbes

No matter how incredibly skilled you are, if you don’t speak up; your managers mis-read you and your colleagues don’t collaborate; recognition, advancement and job security may elude you.

Turn high-potential into high-performance.Learn to engage diverse communication styles, improve nonverbal skills and create better rapport.

This highly interactive program helps you identify qualities that set you apart and helps you become confident in owning and sharing your skills and expertise. You will get actionable techniques for engaging diverse communication styles, improving nonverbal skills and creating better rapport. How you are perceived is how you are received which impacts what you can achieve. You will discover how to influence how you are perceived so that you can achieve more.

Learning Objectives:
✓ Identify the specific skills and qualities that make you invaluable
✓ Learn and leverage different communication styles to create communication that connects
✓ Discover specific communication techniques to avoid misunderstandings that can impact collaboration
✓ Learn listening skills to improve rapport
✓ Discover non-verbal techniques to help you command a room and engage listeners

Good for:
■ Emerging leaders, middle managers
■ Technical Professionals - Engineers, IT professionals, Scientists, analysts

Your attendees just sat through two days, three days, eight hours of content.
Why not send them off with a bang? Robyn's signature Keynote Karaoke presentation enhances learning and engagement and leaves attendees energized and motivated.

Robyn will:
✓ Explore themes covered at your conference or meeting
✓ Develop a playlist that mirrors those themes
✓ Bring attendees on stage to share what they've learned and sing and dance along to the playlist
✓ Expand on conference learnings to make them stick

A real energizing and crowd-pleasing experience. And a great way to ensure attendees remember their conference experience.

Can also work as an Opening Keynote to excite attendees around a theme.

"Scientists have found that music stimulates more parts of the brain than any other human function." - The Power of Music, Elena Mannes

Music can help in many aspects of the brain, including pain reduction, stress relief, memory, and brain injuries

Format: ​45-60 Keynote
Stop faking it till you make it! (Nobody likes a fake) Own it while you hone it! Robyn believes we all have what it takes to shine bright and she is an expert at inspiring you to find your north star.

There's significant research proving the way we think affects our reality. But many of us have a hard time imagining how things could be different. Sharing brain science insights and lessons learned through her own journey, Robyn motivates attendees to strip off roles that have been constricting growth, re-envision their story and embrace a new reality so they become top performers and valuable contributors.

Attendees will:
✓ Recognize and unlock significant value in themselves, their work and their experiences
✓ Become more engaged, fulfilled and empowered contributors
✓ Develop increased self-esteem and executive presence

This program is perfect for:
■ Middle managers looking to advance
■ Develop a playlist that mirrors those themes
■ Women and youth groups
■ Anyone who needs to step into their greatness

Not good for: People with a fixed mindset