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Keynote 1

Inclusive Leadership I.C.U.

Uncover Leadership Readiness – Develop Leadership Mastery

You’ve hired the best. You want to retain them and help them exceed their potential.

We all know that employees don’t leave because of the jobs, they leave because of the leadership.

What if there were a way to help leaders understand and engage diverse communication styles? What if there were a way for your people to feel seen, heard and valued.

Robyn’s I.C.U Framework of workplace needs enhances participants’ ability to listen, lead and communicate. They will learn how to consistently engage and persuade direct reports, prospects and clients with Robyn’s powerful strategies and research backed insights. 

Great leaders aren’t born, they are developed. 

Learning Outcomes:

  • Discover a powerful framework to gain trust and understanding and increase buy-in.
  • Develop techniques to deliver difficult conversations, give feedback, delegate and overcome objections.
  • Embrace mindset strategies to develop healthy confidence, deepen relationships and encourage collaboration.

This program is perfect for:

  • Emerging & Established Leaders,
  • New Managers,
  • Small Business Owners

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Keynote 2


From Invisible to Invaluable

Getting the best out of your best is the key to a successful organization. However, some of the most talented, and skilled individuals don’t feel empowered to speak up & and share their value.

No matter how incredibly skilled you are, if you don’t speak up; your managers mis-read you and your colleagues don’t collaborate; recognition, advancement and job security may elude you.

This highly interactive and motivational keynote helps participants learn to own and assert their expertise, engage diverse communication styles, improve executive presence and become invaluable contributors to the workplace.

Participants discover how to influence how they are perceived so that you can achieve more.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Techniques to reduce stress and self-reflect
  • Ideas to create and maintain connections
  • Ways to make your communication as engaging and impactful online as offline

This program is perfect for:

  • Women’s Groups
  • Emerging leaders
  • Technical Professionals – Engineers, IT professionals, Scientists, analysts

Robyn’s Raves

Testimonials From Actual Clients

Vera Nazarova, CPA, MBA

Robyn presented a webinar at my company’s internal women’s meeting on the art of self-promotion. The webinar received great praise among our team, as it taught us the importantance of understanding how to present your own brand and crafting it toward an audience to ensure your brand is perceived in its desired way. Additionally, we learned how perceptions can vary; this was especially eye-opening for me.

Beth Hernandez - Casey, CMP

I had the pleasure of working with Robyn when she Emcee’d a Virtual end of year meeting for the National Association of Women Business Owners – NYC Chapter (NAWBO NYC). Robyn was an absolute delight to work with. She was a real pro and transitioned us easily without any awkwardness even through some challenging points in the program!

Nancy Ruzow

Robyn recently co-led a webinar for Fly Female Founders, a group I help lead. We came to her co-leader and said we need a webinar on how to put on a webinar. Very quickly she brought in Robyn and the fit was amazing. Robyn was genuine (not preachy), informative, and filled with knowledge. And of course a great speaker. I highly recommend Robyn!

Mel Mann, MBA, M.Ed

Robyn’s method of how to successfully engage and present to audiences provides an unique, powerful, and effective way to improve your skills in an very user friendly manner. I highly recommend Robyn to present this approach at your organizational gatherings! Mel Mann

Keynote 3


Personal Branding & Executive Presence

Challenges are inevitable. But focusing on negative experiences causes undue stress and hampers performance and personal effectiveness. Scientists call this phenomenon, negativity bias. Robyn calls it The Notorious N.B.G (Negativity Bias Glitch).

In this motivating, inspiring keynote, participants learn techniques to deal with The Notorious N.B.G. and its cousin The Insidious Imposter Syndrome by developing a Personal Brand and learning to share it with confidence.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Develop mindset strategies to deal with negativity bias and imposter syndrome
  • Discover a framework for creating a powerful personal brand story
  • Increase close rates and client engagement by creating more effective and successful sales and client meetings

Perfect For:

  • Business owners & Entrepreneur groups
  • Middle managers
  • Women and youth groups

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Keynote 4

Stop Presenting!! Start Engaging!

One of the most effective marketing tools available is the ability to slay a presentation whether on a stage, at a meeting or in 1-1 conversation. But many presentations bore listeners to tears and expose the speaker’s fears.

It doesn’t have to be that way! Learn how to engage your listeners emotionally, through use of story, expertly designed content, persuasive body language and powerful vocal tone. Learn how to become fearless and confident standing in front of crowds of any size. Become that leader who generates a powerful buzz and catapults your business to success.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Have irresistible stage presence.
  • Command a room with the power of your voice
  • Write engaging scripts for (sales pitches, value propositions, PowerPoint presentations).
  • Discover your Communication Style AKA – ActorType* and step into the role that works for you.

Perfect for:

  • Thought Leaders who need to lead change.
  • Emerging leaders who need to command respect.
  • Anyone who needs to stand in front of 1-10,000 people and speak.

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