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Hero Buddy

Communication Quiz

As a presentation skills coach, I’ve come to realize that non-actors fall into types similar to the common types we see in movies and TV. Discover YOUR main ActorType.

Vocal Workout CD Robyn Hatcher
Vocal Workout

This audio guide helps you develop powerful vocal skills. Robyn takes you through a series of breathing exercises, pronunciation practices, and articulation & intonation drills.

Thumb Speaking CloseUp Robyn Hatcher
Guide to Signature Speech

Standing Ovation Presentations includes a guide to start creating your own signature speech.

Thumb Nerves Robyn Hatcher
Nerves Tip Sheet

Being nervous is not always a bad thing! Learn to turn your nerves into excitement with 7 simple tips.

Thumb Rx Robyn Hatcher
Communication Rx

Prescriptions & remedies for healthier communication. Discover what makes people tick & what ticks them off.

It’s Time to Invest in the Art of Communication

Almost immediately, you’ll become aware of your blindspots and notice improvements in the communication skills that define exceptional leaders. And you’ll only get better over time.

Book Standing Ovation Presentations
Standing Ovation Presentations

Get practical, easy-to-implement tips, tools and techniques to make sure you stand out from the competition — whether on a job interview, at a podium or in the workplace.

Book Standing Ovation Presentations
Verbal Message

Standing Ovation Presentations helps you create a verbal message that your listeners will hold on to.