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Second Edition

Standing Ovation Presentations:

Discover Your Communication “Actortype” and Let it Shine

Recent studies indicate that over 90% of communication is nonverbal. Nevertheless, we all—business executives, political leaders, job seekers, and other professionals—continue to place more emphasis on what we are saying rather than on how we are saying it. With our growing dependence on virtual communication, effective face-to-face communication is becoming a lost art. Meaningful and successful relationships can only be developed through meaningful and successful communication.

Standing Ovations Presentations will introduce you to ActorTyping—a concept developed by the author. Famous celebrities have specific qualities and characteristics that make them shine. We each have similar qualities and can use these qualities to stand out and become stars in our own right.

Robyn shares examples and anecdotes based on Hollywood celebrities and on her experiences with clients; Dos and Don’ts for each ActorTyping are explained, and Director’s Notes are provided.

If you faithfully and courageously follow through on the exercises and tips, you will begin to polish your strengths so that they radiate and shine like they never have before.

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Vocal Workout – 12 Exercises for a Powerful Speaking Voice

This audio guide helps you develop powerful vocal skills. Robyn takes you through a series of breathing exercises, pronunciation practices, and articulation & intonation drills.

First Edition

Standing Ovation Presentations:

Discover Your Communication “Actortype” and Let it Shine

I wrote this paragraph for the first edition of my book in 2013. Little did I realize how much MORE dependent we would become on virtual communication.

So, I’ve updated Standing Ovation Presentations to include a chapter on virtual communication. Plus added some new and interesting insights.

If you have an old copy. THANK YOU!! If you want a new edition. Email me for a discounted copy.