Testimonial - Robyn Hatcher Keynote Juneau Alaska
S. Patterson talks about Robyn Hatcher doing Opening and Closing Keynote at the ROAR Women's Conference in Alaska.
Testimonial - Robyn Keynotes for LLS Meeting
Leukemia and Lymphoma Society hired Robyn to share her Stop Presenting, Start Engaging Keynote.
Testimonial - Quad A Conference - Keynote
Robyn delivered her Chemistry of Communication Keynote speech at the African American Financial Advisors Association in Detroit.

"Robyn's insightful feedback and advice helped me recognize things that weren't working. As a result, I feel more confident on my job and know that my improved communication will help me achieve better results.

A.A., IT Executive at JetBlue

"Robyn is fantastic - her focus on both presentation style and content is what differentiates her from other communications coaches and she's a true expert in her field. I highly recommend working with Robyn if you want to take your presentation skills to the next level in a way that's both effective and enjoyable.

Janet Wise, Dir. of Learning & Development at Williams Lea
Testimonial - Patricia Fripp, CSP
Patricia Fripp is considered the QUEEN of presentation skills so Robyn was thrilled to get this testimonial after her presentation - Punch up your Performance w. Diane Ripstein at the National Speakers Association Conference.
Testimonial - WICE Conference Keynote
Robyn Hatcher delivered - Personal Branding and Networking keynote & Workshop for the Women in Communication and Energy Conference.
Testimonial - Presentation Skills Coaching
Robyn Hatcher Coached Ayman for her Tedx talk for NYU Tedx. "Blown away by her services"..

"After presenting to over 400 of the top professionals and entrepreneurs at one of the largest national fitness business conferences, I was able to effectively communicate my message to my audience seamlessly because of the valuable time you spent coaching me. As a result, I was also able to land several new coaching clients!

Lindsey Vastola, Founder at Body Project Fitness

"Today’s was a fantastic lunch and learn and Robyn is a brilliant presenter. The subject is an incredibly important one, non-verbal communication being a set of signals we all intuit in every encounter, yet this is the first time I’ve heard it discussed in such depth in the workplace. Just fascinating stuff (and timely, too).

Andrew Conn, Senior VP at Finsbury
Testimonial - Interview Coaching - "I landed a job!"
Robyn spoke at a conference on preparing for job interviews.
Testimonial - Panel on Impostor Syndrome
Robyn spoke on a panel for small bushiness owners on Impostor Syndrome.
Testimonial - APC Conference Breakout Session
Robyn Hatcher delivered her breakout on "If your Life Were a Movie, How Would you be Cast."

"Robyn - I think you are an awesome coach. I was amazed how quickly you understood what I needed to accomplish and how effectively you role played with just the briefest of explanations. I am pleased to report I totally nailed it today - everybody was so impressed(!!!) and I credit so much to you- I am a huge fan!!

Esther Mills, President at Accounting Policy Plus

"...But when Robyn walked up and turned to face us, she exuded presence and power without sacrificing warmth and authenticity, and spoke to the group of 50 women as if she knew us all personally. Unlike many public speaking professionals, she was free of any affectations or mannerisms that felt forced and artificial.

Linda Lowen, Radio Host