• Lead Up Upclose

    "…Robyn understands the needs
    of business professionals.
    I highly recommend her for
    any senior executive looking for a coach."

    – Victoria Hart
    7 Degrees of Women in Finance


You have high potential and brilliant ideas.
But do your words carry the weight to influence others?
Does your presence and delivery make a powerful impact?

My 1-1 coaching programs help you communicate confidently on stage, off-stage and in between stages.

I will help you step into the powerful, influential person you were meant to be.

Choose from one of three programs (Silver, Gold, Platinum) We can work in-person or virtually.
Communication Clarity Community!
Looking to keep your communication sharp? Learn more!
My clients use coaching to:
Craft engaging content for; sales meetings; pitching; interviews; formal and formal presentations; networking & interpersonal communication.
Polish delivery skills to project total confidence with body language and vocal tone
Uncover and proudly express your personal brand and your differentiators
Improve buy-in and trust in personal relationships by learning brain science-based rapport building techniques

Some coaching outcomes:
Deeper understanding of colleagues’ needs, triggers and communication styles
Clearer and more engaging content and delivery style
More assertive and confident communication and executive presence
Solid value proposition & ways to share it
More respect, trust and buy-in from colleagues and customers (internal and external)

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